Saturday, June 30, 2007

I'm sure I'll make the time to get it all done...

It's the end of June and I feel like I haven't accomplished much with my summer so far. I keep waiting for things to slow down so I can get something done around the house, but "slowing down" isn't happening. Our "regularly scheduled" events finished at the end of May, but somehow "not so regularly scheduled" events have more than filled up our time. I keep waiting for the down time that obviously isn't going to happen. Or at least, isn't going to happen unless I make it happen.

The pool has been open since the end of May, but we've been once in three weeks. That's nuts. Part of that was a week of on-and-off stormy weather, but not recently. Recently it has been driving one child one place and one child another. Or going out of town (or getting someone else ready to go out of town). Or just keeping up with house, laundry, and groceries. (Oh! But I actually have cooked this week...four days in a row! ) I feel like I'm going to scream if I can't get some "summer" done around here, but at the same time the kids seem somewhat restless and want to spend their summer time doing something!

Oh, I did do one thing for myself last week. I spent almost half of one day trying to find clothes that fit me. No luck. That's a different post altogether. Spending the day shopping did not make me feel refreshed. Nor, unfortunately, did it make me feel like I got anything done.

What is it I want to do this summer? Well, I want to spend time at the pool with my kids and friends, I want to read a few good books, I want to watch a few movies, I want to organize books so I know where things are when school starts in the fall, and I want to finish the upstairs work we started last summer. The work in the house is the most involved, requiring sanding of all the doors, priming and painting, and painting all the trim. We need to replace the carpet and the floors in both bathrooms, but money may not hold out for that this year. Maybe next year.

How am I going to make it happen? Well, as soon as I get back from my trip this week, and get my son ready for a mission trip to Peru, and drive my other son to his drama camp, and my daughter to camp, and get ready for my son's girlfriend to spend sometime with us in August, and plan next year's biology class, and help the person who is taking over my Life Science class, then I'm sure I'll find the time to watch those movies and read those books and, oh yeah, do all that sanding and painting! :-D I love summer!

See y'all after the Fourth! Happy Independence Day!

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