Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Randomness 2

It's humbling when your children don't ask "What's for dinner?" but instead ask, "Are you cooking tonight?"

Have you ever noticed that the cars who cut in front of you are usually new and expensive? What's with that? I drive a 12 year old full-size van. Not only is my van bigger and heavier than those cars, it's worth a lot less.

Speaking of cars, why are the side mirrors on small cars so useless? The mirrors on my van let me back that behemoth into most parking spaces. But the side mirrors on my husband's little Toyota are literally useless for backing. You can't see the road behind you. I end up looking like an idiot every time I have to back that car into a parking spot. "Hey lady, did you order your license from Sears?" Grrrr.

I like to buy books that I never get around to reading...or that I get around to reading next year, or the year after. It's a sickness.

I have a nice video iPod I rarely use. Of course my daughter borrowed it to listen to a downloaded Teaching Company lecture series, so I didn't have it for a while. I need to get back in the habit since I spend so much time in the car.

We spend about $50 a month on cable and there's rarely anything worth watching. It's amazing. Why are we spending that money?

I'm currently reading Mother Teresa's Come Be My Light. I am getting tired of the editor's tendency to interpret everything M.Teresa was saying or going through. I would prefer just to read the letters with some background info and let them speak for themselves. I'm disappointed in the "spin control."

I don't generally wear jewelry. I wear my wedding ring and sometimes my diamond (long story about how rough I am on rings), a watch, and earrings. I love earrings. Some women feel undressed without make-up, I feel undressed without earrings. I actually get upset if I forget to put them in in the morning. I love whimsical earrings more than expensive ones. This summer my daughter made the sweetest dragonfly earrings for me. They look something like this, but they are light green, yellow, and purple, and they hang from their heads instead of their tails.


Susanne B. said...

I agree about the earrings -- I can't go downstairs without wearing a pair. My "around the house" pair are small gold hoops with little crystal Mickey Mouse heads hanging from the hoops -- they lock in back of the hoop so I never have to worry about them falling off. I bought them the last time Vera and I went to Disneyland together.

The "spin" would bother me about the Mother Teresa book, too. I'm reading the Rule of St. Benedict right now, and the copy I have contains more commentary than Rule; it's driving me rather crazy. Just let me read the dang RULE! I'll figure it out on my own, thankyouverymuch!

My Corolla backs up beautifully, but I don't use the side mirrors; the car is so teensy that I can just twist around and peer out the back window and see everything. :)

Love your random thoughts.

carrie said...

Thanks susanne!

RE: Corolla and backing. Maybe my problem is that I drive a tank every day and my "muscle memory" just isn't suited for the smaller car. I cannot back the Corolla straight into a parking spot for anything! And I usually end up trying multiple times before I do an acceptable job. Humiliating. ;-) Honestly, I want to tell everybody watching the fiasco that I usually drive a van.."I'm really good with a big van. Honest!" :-D

Susanne B. said...

Well, I take multiple tries to park our van which I don't usually drive -- most of the time I have to eject a kid and have them tell me how close I am because I can't see a dang thing out the windows or with the mirrors. That thing has more blind spots than a politician!

I'll vouch that you drive your van beautifully. :)