Thursday, November 22, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving to all...

Our Thanksgiving didn't work out the way we'd planned, but it was great, nonetheless. Originally we planned to take the week in New Bern, NC. We planned to go out to eat for Thanksgiving, and do some site seeing and relaxing the rest of the week. I made these plans last spring and no one seemed to mind, but two weeks ago I started hearing rumblings of discontent. It seems it "not right" to spend Thanksgiving away from home unless you're spending it with family. The grumbling got louder and louder until Will and I realized it wasn't worth it. I canceled our plans and we stayed home. We didn't make final plans until the last minute, so we still planned to go out to eat. That all changed yesterday when a friend called and invited us over for Thanksgiving dinner. Inviting my clan at the last minute is no small thing. There are eight of us, including six who are adults, or who eat like adults! Not only did they invite us, they had the whole dinner planned and I didn't have to do anything but help out once I got there.

We had a great afternoon, ate plenty of great food, played games, and talked, talked, talked. The kids from teens down went to a local park after dinner and played Ultimate Frisbee. I'm afraid the adults were too full to move that much!

And if being blessed by one family isn't enough, we received a second invitation from another family. Wow! How blessed can we be?

I'm thankful for many, many things this year, but right now friends and family are at the top of the list.

Happy Thanksgiving to all my online friends, as well. You brighten my days!

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NoVA Dad said...

What a great post; there was a reason that the grumbling didn't come up until the last minute -- God wasn't ready for them to complain. And when He was ready, he was also ready for your friends to extend invitations. A real reason to give thanks -- great family AND great friends!!

Hope all is well in your home...