Thursday, April 17, 2008

Well, I'm still here...

It seems I can post and everything. The Road Runner account was turned off last Saturday, but Blogger seems to think that's just fine. I have to sign out of my new Blogger account and sign into this one in order to post or respond to comments, but that's okay.

Not that I have much to say these days. Actually, I have a lot to say but I never seem to have the energy to articulate it. Like, I am still wondering about the validity of "super delegates" in the Democratic primary process. What part of "let the people decide" did the Democrats miss? If the super delegates are suppose to vote the "will of the people" why have them? If they are there to make the final decision, why have the primaries?

Not so sure about "winner take all" of the Republican primaries, either.

There are other things on my mind. I'm still getting ready for a May 17th wedding and trying not to stress. I'm concerned about the future financial stability of my daughter and new husband, as well as the future anything for my 19 yr old son. Well, he's got a real nice girlfriend. I'm working towards joining the Catholic church in July. That's a biggie.

It seems like every conversation these days turns to how to live out your faith...really live your faith, as in get your hands dirty, sacrifice your time and energy, and stop thinking just sending a check's gonna do it. I'm still trying to stand unnoticed in a corner so no one picks me for any of those jobs. Sorry God, but I'm feeling paralyzed right now. Even thinking about what and where I could help gives me an anxiety attack. Don't know why. But I'm putting off figuring out until after the wedding.

And there's more. I'm thinking all the time. Worrying more than I should. Having long monologues in my head about this and that, and never having the energy to write them down.

But I'm here. I'm reading other people's blogs. And I'm thinking and wishing something good and relevant and insightful would pop into my head so I'd have something interesting to post. Until then, expect more cat pictures.


NoVA Dad said...

Cat pictures are always fine -- glad to see you're back! I don't know whether to congratulate you or offer you a stiff drink for the upcoming wedding, although I've no doubt that everything will be fine. Worrying about the financial solvency of any newlywed couple is something that's always around -- I know my in-laws are always looking to make sure we're okay, and I know I'll be doing the same thing with my daughters.

If you're so inclined, I'd love for you to do some blogging about your move to the Mother Church. I had considered making that move myself a few years ago, but upon close reflection realized that I was getting caught up by the history and tradition of the church (timed to coincide with the funeral of JPII and the election of Benedict XVI) rather than feeling a genuine spiritual need to move.

At any rate, I know it's a deeply personal part of anyone's life when they're going through this, but anything you'd like to share I'd love to read.

carrie said...

Definitely a stiff drink first, ;-) then congratulations.

I've been thinking about blogging about my journey, if only to clear my thoughts a bit. I might just do it in the near future. Thanks!