Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Counting Costs

I was suppose to go away this coming weekend. A trip by myself to spend time with some friends I rarely get to see. When the idea was first conceived the timing seemed perfect. Will could work from home, plus it was spring break for the classes I teach and the ones the kids attend. This greatly simplified issues. The kids could stay at home and turn their brains to mush playing computer games all day when Will couldn't be there. A great time would be had by all. The only drawback was a relatively long drive by myself (I fall asleep at the wheel easily). Will wasn't excited about that part.

Slowing, the "best of times" began to unravel. First, older ds has play practice in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Okay, he can find rides... check! Then I realize my dd's both need to be at musical practice on Monday afternoon. Trickier situation, but I have it covered....check! Oops! I found out one of the girls needs to go to an extra practice for the leads...Now I'm trying to coordinate three drive times with three different families, all with differing numbers of kids. "Do you have enough seats to take both my girls?" "No, sorry." "Okay, Maybe L can take this one and you could pick the other up, and I could possibly get my future SIL to drive one of them...What time did you say they had to be here?"

It was getting clear that to coordinate the Monday drive times I would need a complicated flow chart that incorporated all three families, the numbers of children in each, the numbers of seats in their vehicles, when each child needed to be picked up, and who could make which trip. I started to get a headache.

I called Will. "Honey, can you work from home on Monday and drive the girls to play practice?" The answer wasn't what I expected. No, he couldn't, because his company has decided to discourage telecommuting. Staying home would mean a days vacation. Grrrrr. What happened to this supposedly enlightened company? I took two ibuprofen.

I get on the computer to forget my problems and get an email reminding me that youngest dd has a "birthday date" with a little friend on Friday. Maybe the mom could come pick up my dd?? I'll have to ask. Sigh. I open a Dr. Pepper. It isn't even diet. I grab a handful of M&M's. I keep thinking I wouldn't be worried about asking for all these driving favors except I just had to do it last week in order to go to my Lenten retreat. Why do I have an 18 yr old with no driver's license?? Oh, I remember. No car to drive and no money for insurance. Sigh, again. And another handful of M&Ms.

Saturday morning I got a call from my brother. I love my brother. His opening statement: "Ummm. I think I forgot to tell you that Cathy and I are coming to town for a wedding and need a place to stay."
"Great! When?"
"Next weekend."
I get two more ibuprofen and another handful of M&M's.

The thing is, I really do love my brother and his wonderful wife. We rarely get time together when she isn't cooking for 20+ people. Now I have this rare opportunity. I can spend the entire day with them on Friday, just kicking back and laughing (you always laugh with my brother), maybe going to the Gardens and having a nice lunch out. Of course I tell him we'd love to have them, although I warn him that it's air matresses on the living room floor and fending off the kitten all night.

Usually, the possibility of a free day with Bob and Cathy would send me into happy dancing. Right now I'm trying convince myself it's worth the trade-off. Counting the costs, wishing two great options didn't end up on the same weekend when so many weekends are empty slates. My regrets have been emailed and I am focusing on cleaning house, getting in food, rearranging the driving (letting people know I can do my part), and looking forward to my family.

I'll try not to think of what I'm missing. Ain't that just like life?
Pass the M&Ms.


SusansPlace said...

Sorry Carrie!! I know how you feel. I had to make the same decision. Saturday a friend of my oldest daughters is getting married. She is 20 and we have known her since she was 8. Talk about counting the costs!


Dancingirl365 said...

(((Carrie)))... so sorry. I feel your frustration! But hey, you got some great writing out of it! And I hope you have a fantastic time with your brother and his wife!

Carol said...

I am just reading this now. I am sorry that happened. "Two more ibuprofen and pass the M&Ms" You are very funny. :)