Thursday, March 15, 2007

The Incarnation

Last Time,
When you walked through the city
So beautiful and naked,

You left a thousand women crazy
And impossible to live with.

You left a thousand married men
Confused about their gender.

Children ran from their classrooms,
And teachers were glad you came.

And the sun tried to break out
Of its royal cage in the sky
And at last, and at last,
Lay its Ancient Love at your feet,

And I wish you would have let it,
So the whole world could have died like Hafiz,
dancing so happily,
Filled with ecstasy,
An unbearable divine light.”

Sham-ud-din Mohammed Hafiz
c. 1320-1389, Moslem mystic


SusansPlace said...

I have read some of his poetry, very magical. Whome do you think he is referring to here?


carrie said...

How cool that you've read some of his poetry! I'm hoping to look some more up this weekend.

I think he is refering to God here. I don't know much about him, but Father John said Hafiz was a Muslim mystic who often used incarnational imagery in his poetry.