Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Prayer for all those grieving...

I wanted to add this information about one of the heroic acts yesterday. Greater love has no man:

Liviu Librescu, 76, was a Holocaust survivor, who his son said, will be remembered as a hero. He "blocked the doorway with his body and asked the students to flee," Joe Librescu told AP. "Students started opening windows and jumping out." The elder Librescu, a professor at Virginia Tech, was recognized internationally for his research in aeronautical engineering, the head of the Engineering Science and Mechanics Department at Virginia Tech told AP. He was born and received his advanced degrees in Romania.

I had a post planned but don't have the heart today. Instead, I'll light a candle and say a prayer for all the grieving family and friends of the VA Tech shooting.

Today, in recognition of the fragility of life, I'm going to show more people I appreciate them, and I'm going to let go of the "small stuff" that stresses me.

Thank you to all who come here and read my blog. You give me joy and a great sense of satisfaction in my life. My life is richer for your time and and your thoughts.

All afternoon I've kept a candle burning in my room next to my olivewood statue of Mary from the Holy Land. Everytime I see the candle I've prayed. Every time I walk in my room, or look up from my computer.


Sandie said...

I was especially touched by this story too.

Ampersand said...

GWB's words about this man, while at the Holocaust memorial, were especially touching.

'On the day of remembrance, this Holocaust survivor gave his own life so others may live,' he said. 'We honour his memory, we take strength from his example.'