Thursday, May 3, 2007

I'm back, sort of...

I'm back from my weekend away at the beach. Life intervened when I returned and I've had little time to spend thinking cosmic thoughts. Maybe tomorrow. In the meantime I'm getting ready for my last teaching day this year (Biology and Life Science at our homeschool tutorial), getting my son ready for his acting debut, helping with costumes and props for my two daughters' singing and acting debut next Friday, cleaning the house for a visit from my brother tonight, buying special snacks for our end-of-year parties tomorrow, and sleeping.

I'm also reading the Mediated: How the Media Shapes our World and How We Live in It when I get a few minutes. It's an interesting, thought-provoking book. I realized that blogs are the sort of quintessential mediated, self-conscious activity. Bloggers expose their processing to the world, self-consciously acting and reacting to the constant bombardment of information. Interesting.

I'm off to help drive scenery flats to the theater, but I'll leave you with a thought from Mediated. The opposite of real isn't unreal; the opposite of real is optional.

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