Sunday, July 29, 2007

A continuing journey...

At the Saturday Vigil Mass Will finished an 18 month journey by joining the Catholic Church. It was a beautiful mass, and we were blessed to have all our children there to experience it with us. It made me smile to look down the pew and see them all sitting there, from oldest to youngest. I was so proud!

There were four people joining the church that evening. Will was the last to get anointed with oil, and Father John obviously figured he might as well dump the remaining oil from the horn on him! The scented olive oil ran down his face and even managed to sneak under the towel provided. For the rest of the evening, Will smelled faintly of olive oil and roses and his collar was stained darkly with the excess oil. He was well and truly anointed.

Will's sponsor was also our RCIA director and now good friend, Andrew. During the Eucharist, Andrew guided Will directly to Father John for his first communion in the Catholic Church. It was an emotional moment for Will, something he'd been looking forward to for months.

Afterwards, Will and I, along with out youngest daughter, went to a party given by the family of one of the new members. The food was wonderful and the company even more so. The Catholic church we attend is very large, but we are finding a community within the community, and the fellowship is good.

Right now our family will relax and enjoy being together on Sunday mornings again. Will and I will mostly go to Saturday evening Mass, or perhaps very early Sunday morning. Then we will join our children for worship at Grace. We will continue to be a "two-church" family...or a three-church family if you count our occasional forays to the church where our friend is the pastor (see Woodshavings link at right). In the fall when I get a handle on life, I may go back to RCIA Inquiry and restart the path myself. But for now, I am happy to be an observer, and happy to be sitting next to my husband in church again. Life is good.

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