Thursday, February 15, 2007

I'll be scarce for a few days....

Will and I are attending a conference called Ignited by Truth ( this weekend, so I won't be around much. It's a Catholic conference, and one of the key speakers is author and Boston College philosophy professor, Peter Kreeft. ( Kreeft is a favorite author and speaker of ours and I can't wait to hear him in person. Years ago when my fahter died of cancer, and then a few years later when our infant son died, Kreeft's book Making Sense Out of Suffering was very helpful. One of Kreeft's articles posted on his website called Hauled Aboard the Ark was influencial in our decision to look into the teachings of the Catholic Church. His style is winsome and entertaining.

Enjoy your weekend!

PS. I can't seem to make the links work right in my test. Anyone want to point me toward a tutorial on how to have a highlighted word instead of the whole link? Thanks!


my15minutes said...

You're doing a great job of keeping up with your blog....I'm such an occasional poster at my own. Congrats at sticking with it.

Dancingirl365 said...

I hope you will post about the conference. I would love to hear Kreeft!

Matt said...

I hope you enjoy the conference, and I would like to hear more about Kreeft. Someone recommended a book to me a while back that he wrote that involves a hypothetical discussion in heaven between JFK, C.S. Lewis, and one other person. Any ideas on the title and whether it's worth reading?

carrie said...

The book you're thinking of is Between Heaven and Hell. C.S. Lewis, JFK and Aldous Huxley died within hours of each other on Nov. 22, 1963. Kreeft imagines a dialog between them after death with the using the Socratic dialog model. The book is definitely worth reading. I read it years and years ago. In fact, it's worth a reread. Kreeft has several of these "imagined dialog" books out now...look on Amazon for a full list.

If you enjoy Tolkien, Kreeft has a wonderful book called The Philosophy of Tolkien. His book, Making Sense Out of Suffering was the best I read on the subject besides Lewis's The Problem of Pain.

Kreeft is big on ecumenism, and his website is worth looking at for protestantsa nd Catholics alike. I read his books for years before I was even interested in the Catholic church. With his philosophy background and his love of Lewis and Tolkien, he is an extremely different kind of author than so many Christian writers these days. Winsome yet intellectual.