Friday, February 2, 2007

Nothing profound...

Not much deep thinking going on in my head today. I taught my science classes today and I've pulled something in my back, so between the tiredness and the pain, I'm not very profound!

But I did want to say how much fun I've had this week, letting my blog go public and getting such warm and encouraging support. I feel humbed that anyone feels like I think deep thoughts or express myself well. Wow! That's wonderful, and so affirming. After the first comments came in I called Will and told him, "I can write! I really can express myself! I can do this blog thing!" Will didn't think that was "new" news. He's so sweet.

Right now I'm still thinking about thinking, and still wondering how to get better at it. I'm also still thinking about how what I say and do in cyberspace affects others. How to share my journey and think my thoughts without boxing someone else in or, as Julie said, too narrowly define them or their ideas.

One thought I haven't blogged about yet is happiness, or contentment. I'm thinking thoughts on that, as well. I can be such a glass-half-empty person. Is there really power in positive thinking? That's worth an experiment, I think!

Off to be mommy and chauffeur....Thanks for blessing me with your time.


Matt said...


Welcome! I saw the plug Julie gave your site over at her place, and popped by for a visit. Glad to read what you've posted; I hope you'll keep it up! I've linked you to my site (, and I hope you'll free to visit my site as well!

- Matt

carrie said...

Thanks for the support, Matt. I hope you come back. I have visited your site, jumping from Julie's. Blogging is a new and interesting sphere for me and I'm really enjoying it!